Polish Teletraffic Sympiosium 2012

Polish Teletraffic Symposium Logo

The 17th PTS, Zakopane, December 2012

NEW: Registration deadline set to Nov. 28, 2012

The Teletraffic Symposium brings together network operators and academic researchers to share their knowledge on the telecommunications techniques. The development of new network technologies which offer higher bandwidth, the deployment of mobile communications, modern services, multimedia, unlimited Internet access etc. create many problems that need to be solved including: how to interwork existing services with Next Generation Internet, how to manage and optimise the transmission of growing traffic volumes, how to enhance network's performance

The symposium has been organised since 1994 on a rotational basis by the following institutions:

The Symposium is addressed mainly to the Polish teletraffic and network design community, both in Academia and Industry, and also, to a limited extent, to international community.

The aim of the Symposium is to provide a regular, annual forum for a discussion on the design, implementation and perfection of contemporary telecommunications and computer communications systems.

Call for papers in pdf format is available here

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